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Public Relations
Event Planning & Design

Media & Podcast Pitches  |  Public Relations  |  Product Launches

Crisis & Reputation Management  | Corporate Communications

Social Media  |   Event Design & Planning  |   M&A Communications

Maria Amoruso is a seasoned marketing and communications executive.  As a CMO for the past 11 years, Maria was able to garner local and national media coverage for her company.  It was then that she realized that her true passion was public relations & communications,  Maria has an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University, where she gained a deep understanding of the importance of consistent messaging and storytelling for brands.  In addition to her marketing and communication expertise, Maria spent several years planning and designing incredible events.   She knows that, when planning an event, every detail matters and takes pride in providing breathtaking  experiences for you and your guests.  Working with clients to share their story with the world or plan an event that will be talked about for years is exciting and rewarding.  

Industry Focuses

Financial Services | Fintech Companies | Startups | Women-Owned Businesses | Non-Profits

Office with a View

Public Relations & Communications

  • Media Pitches

  • Relationship Building with Media Contacts

  • Podcast Pitches

  • Media Announcements

  • Press Release Creation & Distribution

  • Internal & External Communications Strategy & Management


Event Design & Planning

  • Corporate, Non-profit & Private Event Planning

  • Event Promotion

  • Venue Search and Recommendation

  • Menu Selection

  • Auctions


Crisis & Reputation Management

  • Crisis Communication Planning & Strategy

  • Coordination of Media Events & Announcements

  • Public (social media/website) Communication

  • Employee Communication

Let’s Connect

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